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Aluthermo® is a thin, reflective, multi-layer, flexible insulation material that is welded across its entire surface, which is made up of several reflective layers. It may be used on its own or to supplement existing insulation.

It traps dry air in its films. It has been used for years in new construction and renovation for its excellent energy-saving results.


• Highly reflective: due to the quality of its pure aluminium, Aluthermo® reflects 95% of radiant heat. It is also treated against oxidation.

• Air impermeability: a very thin, flexible insulation material that comes in roll form, Aluthermo® can be unrolled above or below the roof, the wall or the floor to form a sort of envelope that prevents energy loss caused by draughts.

• Improved sound insulation: due to their construction, our products are highly acoustically effective.

• Durability and environment: our products are environ- mentally friendly and are constructed from durable, non- toxic and recyclable materials which give them an unrivaled life span.

• Breathable and watertight: highly vapour permeable or totally resistant to water vapour, Aluthermo® always offers a good solution.


Our products vary in thickness between 10 and 42 mm and offer market leading slimness (therefore a saving on space) and flexibility with no compromise on thermal performance.


All our products are quick and easy to install for renovation and new construction projects.

Aluthermo® is based on the most advanced technologies that have proved their value in extreme conditions, not only in 2005 on Steve Fossett’s first solo flight around the world with his Virgin Atlantic Globalflyer, but also during the Atlantic rowing feats of the Win Belgium Team.

Aluthermo® does a great deal of research and development work from an ongoing drive to improve the performance of its insulation materials.
Whereas the European standards still use the principles of conductivity and thickness to define the performance of the insulation material, Aluthermo® products are already ahead of the game as they act additionally on convective and radiative loss.

Their efficiency was tested by the independent Belgian laboratory Eliosys with a simple test procedure: They measure the energy necessary to maintain a temperature of 21°C in an insulated construction under exterior winter conditions. This structure is alternatively insulated with Aluthermo ® and a traditional insulation material as reference.